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Manoj Goel Senior editor

Audio to Video Mixer is a tool for mixing audio files into video files. This allows you to add narration, background music and any music track you like into a video file. It accepts all types of audio as well as video files and gives output in AVI format with the best quality of sound and video and with a very small resulting size.
It is also capable of joining two or more video files into one large AVI file. This tool can also be used as a converter which takes any video format as its input and provides output in AVI format. It is supported on Microsoft Windows family operating systems and requires DirectX 9 or later to be installed.

It has a very simple visual interface which makes it easy to use. It can also remove sounds from video files and new tracks can be added easily. With the option menu a user can easily change the default settings and can change output file's name, destination, frame rate, frame size, resize mode, audio compressor and video compressor. For audio editing a user can change the volume of a selected track, start time, playback speed and whether it should be repeated.


  • Supports all common audio and video files.
  • Output in AVI.
  • Removing audio from a video file is possible.
  • Can also be used as an editor or converter.


  • Mixing is slow.
  • Only one output format is supported.

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